The Looking Glass

An attack will ignite the most devastating world war our history has ever seen. Government psychics have the ability to break down the series of events that lead to this catastrophe. 

They determine that the beginning of the chain can be traced to a residential intersection. Seven people, traveling in six vehicles, all arrive at this intersection at the same time, causing a 27 second delay in the path of the seventh car’s driver, a Chinese diplomat. He is the catalyst in our future history that will result in the next World War.

An elaborate plan is devised to kill these seven in the most humane way possible. By eliminating them from existence, the nucleus is destroyed, altering events and changing our future – for the better.

Director/Writer: Richard Lowry

Producers: Laura Andrus, Bobby Harwell

Executive Producer: Doreen Pierce

Sound Design: Brian Best

Editor/Music Score: Richard Lowry

Story Consultant: Gerald Hapeman

STARRING: Jana Kolesarova Bobby Harwell (A.I., DESTINATION MARS, THE WICKSBORO INCIDENT) Blane Wheatley (DESTINATION MARS, THE UNNAMABLE) Steven Man (SAVAGE ISLAND, SWEET DEADLY DREAMS MR. HOLLYWOOD STAR) Seth Mclellan Theresa Garcia Jade Hykush 85 min. color rated R

Copyright © 2012, LOWRY BROTHERS. All Rights Reserved.
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